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Laurean Oltean

In Medias there is a tradition of glass production that goes back more than a century. A lot of gas is still being extracted in this region and suitable sand was found in the nearby Tarnava river. Gas and the right sand were the decisive factors for glass production and glass processing. By 1989, more than 3,000 people worked in the Vitrometan factory, which was founded in 1923. Privatization and multiple takeovers resulted in it being closed entirely three years ago. The former factory was finally bought up by competition from Iran with the aim of closing another European production site.

The former engineer Laurean Oltean and his son Horatiu Oltean have since run a small studio in which they both work with an oven and blow glass. They produce e.g. glass balls, table bottles for oil, vinegar and syrup and containers for storing food. With their commitment, they keep the traditional craft of glass blowing alive in the region and develop the craft further in a very creative way.


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